How does biomedical research impact you? Have you (or has someone in your family) benefited from vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, surgery, or transplants? How does biomedical research affect the health of your dog, cat, or other pet? How might biomedical research touch your life in the future?
Do you know any middle school students who are interested in the life sciences? If they can write an essay, they might be able to win a prize. If you know any middle school students or teachers in Washington, Idaho, Montana, or Oregon, let them know about ... Read more
I don't write about politics very often nor do I intend to do so in the future. But, time is running out for the Tripoli Six. Imprisoned in 1999, five nurses and one doctor were tortured until they confessed to a horrific crime; infecting over 400 children with the virus that causes AIDS. They later protested that they were innocent and the scientific data backed them up. Now, they may be executed for a crime they didn't commit. I know some of you are thinking, "What does this have to do with me?" Nature magazine, reminds us what can happen when we fail to speak up ... Read more
i-34fd3d0a3102c246d604706c85f667b1-mendelsg.jpgMendel's garden in Bruno, CZ, may be too far for physical travel, but you can still imagine what Mendel might have thought if he'd gotten a look at this version of his vision. Maybe I'm taking alliteration a little too far, but that doesn't mean that you have to show any restraint. All you have to do is submit ... Read more
This may seem strange to anyone who hasn't lived in Minnesota, but when I was a child, kids in my elementary school used to have fist fights when it came to the question of which famous European discovered America. To most children in the U.S., this is probably a very silly question indeed. Not so, to the kids I knew. Some kids were convinced that it was Leif Erickson and were ready to fight to defend the point. Since I now live on the West Coast, it's probably safe for me to say that the first white people on the continent might NOT have been the Vikings. NOVA's series ... Read more
i-c5dfed10e0a503e206ed47a080e1238e-dna.pngLike computers? Like biology? Want to find a way to combine the two worlds? Bio::Blogs, a carnival at the intersection of biology, computing, and math, will be hosted here October 1st. For those of you who are wondering what this all means, it means that on Sunday, I will post a collection of links to interesting stories that are somehow related to biology, computers, or math, or various ... Read more
"And it's a hard, and it's a hard, it's a hard, and it's a hard, And it's a hard rain's a-gonna fall. " - BoB Dylan Tired of Simpson reruns and the exploits of Friends? [From the WSTA] NOVA is broadcasting an entire series of shows on hurricanes, Katrina, and what the experts predicted would happen should a hurricane ever hit New Orleans. Check out the schedule below.
NOVA Presents "Storm That Drowned a City" Broadcast: Tuesday, September 12, 2006 ... Read more
Do you ever imagine the presidential advisors doing the Basil Fawlty silly walk, looking crazed and confused, and quoting John Cleese whenever there's been a bad day in the Middle East? I do. And this mental picture makes me think the title of Chris Mooney's book (The Republican War on Science) will surely keep it out of the top ten volumes on the White House reading list. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to reading it and to hearing Chris talk when he tours the country and elaborates on the story. If you'd ... Read more
or, better yet, enjoy the fine selection of summer carnivals.i-6367a561995c6cf0f62d19c83cf67844-clown.jpg In no particular order, we have: Bio::Blogs#3 Hosted this month by mndoci (aka Depak Singh) at business|bytes|genes|molecules, Bio::Blogs is a carnival of ... Read more
i-e56bbbe39fca38ba141ccdad11201cf6-berries.jpgAugust is the time when gardens look their best. Fruit becomes showy, flowers abound, and plants are large and plentiful. Mendel's Garden #4, currently blooming at The Inoculated Mind, is no exception. Evolgen ... Read more
Bio::Blogs#2 is been out for a few days but it's certainly not out of interesting ideas and things to read. There is some interesting stuff about Brisbane. Queensland looks like a lovely place and much different than my mental images of Australia. Sorry, but when I picture Australia, I get a strange image of a cross between Babe, old Mad Max movies, and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. This is an image kind of like Eastern Washington, although I don't think Mel Gibson and the wild riders of ... Read more

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