i-24d14c6ba80010e480f3de5ae066b014-birthday_fish.jpg Maybe a little squid told him that tomorrow is PZ's birthday. Happy birthday PZ! The fish and I wish you 50 more!Read more

Yes, yes, I know Darwin Day was Februrary 12th. Nevertheless, the Alliance for Science is sponsoring an essay contest in Darwin's honor and, if you're a high school student you can still celebrate by writing an essay.

And if you're a high school teacher, and your student wins, you win $$ for buying lab supplies. 

Okay, I suppose it's only us geeky bloggers who consider writing an essay to be a kind of celebration.

If the sheer joy of celebrating Darwin Day by writing an essay, doesn't pique your interest, there are prizes ... Read more

It's not too late. You can do research on cool topics, get paid, and even live in Las Vegas for the summer. If I were a student, I'd go. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is still taking applications for students to come do research in the desert. The microbiology faculty at UNLV and the Desert Research Institute have received NSF funding for a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in Environmental Microbiology. This grant will provide students with the opportunity to work on a research project for a 10 week period with a faculty mentor. Students will ... Read more
BioHacking is not listing in Wikipedia but it can still be found in the blogosphere. In Bio::Blogs 7, Paraschopra muses about biomathematics, synthetic biology, conferences, and bioinformatics entrepeneurship in in India. He must have seen the news about Accelrys shutting down their R&D shop in Bangalore, India. Read more
The University of Nevada in Las Vegas is looking for a few good undergraduates to come do research this summer in environmental microbiology. Environmental microbiology goes way beyond hot springs bacteria and Yellowstone Park. At UNLV, you can do science in the desert. It almost makes me wish I was an undergraduate again. The Microbiology faculty at the UNLV and the Desert Research Institute are looking for inquisitive and eager undergraduates to participate in a 10 week summer research experience in the REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) program. Projects involve ... Read more
Imagine yourself curled up and cozy, a glass of wine (or pop) in your hand, a blazing fire, and a wonderfully entertaining book in your hand. Hmmmm. What are you reading? Oh, of course! It's the open laboratory edited by our very own Science Blogger, Bora Zivkovic, who really does seem to (a) Blog Around the Clock. The secrets out, now you can have a pleasant time reading science ... Read more
Are there scientific terms or concepts that you'd like to know more about? Looking for a bit more of an explanation? Confused about the difference between DNA and RNA? Some of my fellow SciBlings, Tara, Chad, John, Janet, and ... Read more
i-01c76cac29bb38f094fcc05a42fc009f-sand.jpgYou can spend all day staring at irreducibly complex patterns in the sand (wow! it's a pattern! Evidence for intelligent design? Or created by random acts of water?). Or, you can do something even more fun and enjoy a treat at Tangled Bank #70. As they say in Spain, ... Read more
The EMBL graduate students have organized an ingenious conference titled: Life Sciences - Shaping the Future. Learn about Omics and Systems Biology from speakers like Leroy Hood, Stuart Kim, and Ronald Krause (and more). Explore options for career development, and learn how you can join the Web 2.0 science revolution in the session on scientific communication. The conference will take place Dec. 4th-8th, 2006. Don't worry if you don't have a plane ticket or a place to stay, you're virtually there. How? It's all on-line. Some of you might be ... Read more
Random remembrance #1. December 1st is world AIDS day. On December 1st, I will mourn for my former colleagues, students and acquaintances who've died from AIDS. Random random reminder #2. Bloggers, Ron Hudson from the International Carnival of Pozivities will be putting together stories about AIDS and HIV. The next carnival isn't until Dec. 10th, but you can still submit. Random blog comment #3: After the last ... Read more

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