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BLAST for beginners

BLAST for beginners introduces students to blastn, a commonly used tool for comparing nucleotide sequences (DNA and RNA).  This popular tutorial shows how to do a blast search with a nucleotide sequence, highlights information in the search results, and shows how to interpret the E value and alignment scores.  Visit the Tutorial

The BLAST Tutorial

This tutorial is designed as a quick introduction to the BLAST family of sequence analysis programs.

These slides show a progression of steps in using blastn, beginning at the home page for the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) ( and ending at PubMed, a tool for searching scientific literature. In this series, you will see how to submit a nucleotide sequence, compare it to other sequences using blastn, and interpret some of the results. Visit the Tutorial.

BLASTing Through the Kingdom of Life

This digital book provides teaching tips for BLASTing Through the Kingdom of Life and walks through how to find the answers to questions in the worksheet for each of the 17 unknown sequences in the data set.

Get the interactive teachers guide for BLASTing Through the Kingdom of Life today!  Learn More.

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