Digital World Biology Products

Our products help teachers teach modern biology with the same software tools, data, and information resources that are used by science researchers throughout the world. We overcome the many challenges associated with introducing computer-based classroom activities through novel approaches that combine interactive iPad apps with data that are packaged into fun and engaging classroom activities.  

Molecule World for iPhone and Apple Watch

Molecule WorldTM for iPhone works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch.  The Molecule World iPhone app shares many of features in the Molecule World iPad App.  Multiple coloring and drawing styles allow users to explore chemical and physical properties of chemicals and macromolecules like DNA, RNA, and proteins.   Learn more ...


Molecule World iPad App

Molecule WorldTM is an iPad app that teaches students the relationships among sequence, structure, and function in a user friendly and enjoyable way. Molecule World overcomes many challenges teachers face when trying to incorporate tools used by scientists into their educational activities, allowing them to focus on teaching instead of computer administration.    Learn more ...


Molecule World DNA Binding Lab Structure collection

The Molecule World DNA Binding Lab is a collection of structures that makes it possible for students to investigate the ways that different molecules bind to DNA.  This stand alone activity uses lets students make their own discoveries about DNA structures.  Learn more ... 


Molecule World User Guide

Download the free Molecule World User Guide to learn how to find models of structures and chemicals in public databases and get the most out of the Molecule World iPhone and iPad apps.  

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BLASTing Through the Kingdom of Life:  A Guide for Teachers

This eBook has tips for using BLAST in the classroom and interpreting the results.

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Bioinformatics for Biology Students: Learn basic bioinformatics skills for studying biology

Want to learn more about proteins, DNA, and RNA?
Check out Exploring Molecular Structures.

Want to learn more about using databases?
Try Exploring Biological Databases.  



Labs and Worksheets

For those who have access to computers in the classroom, and even those who don't, Digital World Biology has Labs and Worksheets that simplify the effort needed to teach about molecular structures and bioinformatics.  Learn more ...