Receptors - hot stuff Collection

This collection of chemical and molecular structures has been assembled to help students explore chemicals that elicit a sense of heat and/or pain by binding certain receptors. All the chemical and molecular structures below can be viewed in Molecule World on the iPad or Molecule World for iPhone.  

Structures in the collection

Type Description Download structure
An MW Collection

Receptors for capsaicin and wasabi, and capsaicin, wasabi, and spider toxin.  Use the link on the right to download all the structures at once.

Binary Data hot_stuff.mwc

Capsaicin is a chemical made by chili peppers that contributes to a sensation of heat.

Binary Data capsaicin.sdf.gz

Capsaicin receptor, also called the TrpVI Ion channel.

Binary Data 3J5P.cn3

Capsaicin receptor bound to spider toxin.

Binary Data 3J5Q.cn3

The "double-knot" spider toxin binds to the TrpV receptor and causes a sensation of heat and pain.  

Binary Data Huwentoxin.cn3

TrpA1 ion channel.  Allyl isothiocyanate from wasabi binds to this receptor and causes a sensation of heat and pain.

Binary Data 3J9P.cn3

Allyl isothiocyanate is the chemical in wasabi that creates a sensation of heat.

Binary Data allyl_isothiocyanate.sdf.gz

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