Project Violet Collection

Structures used in the Project Violet Exploration at Fred Hutch.

Structures in the collection

Type Description Download structure
An MW Collection

A collection of knottin proteins used in Project Violet.

Binary Data project_violet.mwc

A potassium channel bound to charybdotoxin.

Binary Data 4JTA.cn3.gz

Carboxypeptidase A bound to the metallocarboxypeptidase inhibitor from the potato.  A glycine has been cleaved from the end of the inhibitor and appears in the complex.

Binary Data 4CPA.cn3.gz

An antimicrobial protein from horseshoe crab.

Binary Data 1CIX.cn3.gz

A protein with antifungal and antibacterial activity that helps preserve food in the stomach of the king penguin.

Binary Data 1UT3.cn3.gz

A protein with insecticide activity.  This protein is found in potatoes and inhibits the digestive proteins in insects.

Binary Data 1H20.cn3.gz

This neurotoxin is produced by the Japanese funnel spider.  It binds to sodium channel receptors in mammals and insects.

Binary Data 2ROO.cn3.gz

An antifungal protein found in petunias.

Binary Data 1N4N.cn3.gz

A scorpion neurotoxin. Hydrogens are present because this structure was solved by NMR

Binary Data 1CHL.pdb.gz

A venom protein made by the carnivorous cone snail.

Binary Data 1IXT.cn3.gz

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