Hemoglobin Collection

These structures are from different forms of hemoglobin.  You can use these to compare hemoglobin with and without oxygen and the hemoglobin structures found in two types of sickle cell anemia (Hemoglobin S, and Hemoglobin C).

See how you can use these structures, along with the mRNA, and protein sequences to learn more about hemoglobin and the sickle cell mutation.  

See Exploring hemoglobin with bioinformatics.

Structures in the collection

Type Description Download structure
An MW Collection

Use the link on the right to download all hemoglobin structures at once.  To view the collection, you will need to download and install the iPad version of Molecule World.  Once Molecule World is installed on your iPad, return to this page and download the entire collection at once by selecting the mwc file.  

Binary Data hemoglobin.mwc

Deoxyhemoglobin:  human hemoglobin without oxygen.

Binary Data deoxyhemoglobin_2HHB.cn3

Human hemoglobin bound to oxygen.

Binary Data Oxyhemoglobin_1HHO.cn3

Hemoglobin S:  a form of human hemoglobin associated with sickle cell anemia.

Binary Data hemoglobin_S_2HBS.cn3

Hemoglobin C:  a form of human hemoglobin associated with a less common type of sickle cell anemia, bound to carbon monoxide.

Binary Data hemoglobin_C_1YFF.cn3

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