Slides for Immuno-biotechnology and Bioinformatics in Community Colleges

Todd Smith
Wed May 22, 2019
Immuno-biotechnology and Bioinformatics in Community Colleges

Immuno-biotechnology is one of the fastest growing areas in the field of biotechnology. Digital World Biology’s database of over 7100 biotechnology employers has nearly 750 organizations that are involved with immunology in some way. With the advent of advanced DNA sequencing, and other technologies, immuno-biotechnology has significantly increased the use of computing technologies to decipher the meaning of large datasets and predict interactions between immune receptors (antibodies / T-Cell receptors / MHC) and their targets. Progress toward developing an immuno-bioinformatics course with Shoreline Community College is summarized in the presentation below. Full resolution images are in the attached PDF file. 

To view the poster check out Immuno-biotechnology and Bioinformatics in Community Colleges.

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