Microbiome and Metagenomics Benchtop to Bioinformatics: Technical Approaches to Sequencing, DNA Extractions, and Data Analysis

By: @finchtalk
Thu Mar 22, 2018
Workshop leader Stefan Green zip-lines though a gas crater. 

The ABRF 2018 workshop on microbiome and metagenomics may not teach you to zip-line through fire, but you will learn how to generate and manage a fire hose worth of data from microbiome projects. 

What is it? A workshop covering practical tools to improve your microbiome research and to facilitate microbiome services at core facilities. The full-day workshop has two components: a morning portion covering nucleic acid extractions from difficult environmental samples, and an afternoon session covering laboratory and bioinformatics approaches to 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing and shotgun metagenomics.

Who should attend? Researchers interested in improving their microbiome research capabilities. Sequencing core facility staff members looking to add microbiome sequencing to their repertoire.

Who will be presenting, and what will I learn? A wide range of experts in the microbiome field will be presenting on specific areas of expertise, ranging from nucleic acid extraction techniques, to flexible wetlab protocols for library preparation, and to bioinformatics strategies for data analysis. The workshop will also include plenty of time for a question and answer session.

Sign up at https://conf.abrf.org/sw8-wet-lab-and-bioinformatic-strategies-microbiom...

Also, we are currently offering travel awards on a first-come basis. Please contact Dr. Stefan J. Green (greendna@uic.edu) immediately!

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