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Sandra Porter
Okay, occasional readers, friends, and former students, the date is official. I walked over to Ozzie's, chatted with one of the waitresses (a Garfield grad, no less!), talked with a manager on the phone, and we're on for the party. You can find us on Saturday, Sept. 27th at 4 pm in the upstairs mezzanine at Ozzie's. Address: 105 W. Mercer St., Seattle, WA 98119 Dave Bacon will be there (I don't think he's related to Kevin, but here's your chance to ask, and we could start a new game! Six degrees of David Bacon!). Grrl Scientist will be signing autographs. And, we'll get a chance to ask Maria just what she's really doing in those really curious wedding pictures she posted on her blog. Call me conventional, but I've never seen someone in a wedding dress fooling around with liquid nitrogen before. Anyway, I passed on renting the karaoke machine, but if we get enough people attending, we do get our own bartender. So, let me know in the comments if you plan to attend. I'm sure we're gonna have a good time.

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