Mr. Green Genes glows on video

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Sandra Porter

This video from WDSU shows Mr. Green Genes, the transgenic kitty, in the dark and in the light. There's also an interview with Dr. Betsy Dresser, who very briefly talks about the work at the Audubon Center for Research on Endangered Species. Other than clips of the cat, and Dr. Dresser, the video mostly shows people taking frozen samples out of liquid nitrogen, but there's an interesting bit towards the end where they show a pipette transferring material into the nucleus of an egg cell. Mr. Green Genes is certainly a cute cat. i-0b222d43f3c5438ae19683f6dfc43841-glowing_kitty.pngYou can see more pictures from the Times Picayune: here and here.


Thanks go to David Ricks for sending links to the photos and video.

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