Do you have an NIH grant? There's summer research funding available for students and teachers

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Sandra Porter
The NIH has some extra money to fund summer research for students and teachers. Check it out!
The NIH and grantee partner institutions have a unique opportunity to support summer research experiences for high school and college students, as well as elementary, middle, and secondary school science teachers, and faculty from non-research intensive institutions in your geographic area. Supported through American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), these administrative supplements are available, on an expedited basis, to NIH research grants of faculty at your institution (See NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-09-060). [snip] Creating the next generation of scientists is an interest shared by NIH and leaders at research institutions around the country. Through these supplements, young people interested in careers as scientists and teachers can get closely involved in top-tier research projects at your institution that we hope will inspire students to pursue careers in biomedical research. We are encouraging grantee institutions to provide us with central points of contact for summer opportunities at your institution and possibly even links to information about specific opportunities that we will post on an NIH Web site devoted to these summer experiences. We are hoping this site will serve as a central resource will help students and educators from across the country connect with your institution. You also may want to consider providing space on your Web pages identifying your institution as a participant in the NIH summer science jobs initiative. Matching students and teachers to appropriate mentors will be a key factor to a successful summer experience.
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