Dangerous chemistry: explosive experiments with junk food

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Sandra Porter
i-e92ec9444a63f7820f305554c2660ea1-hot_dish_stick.jpgOle and Lena's hot dish on a stick probably is explosive if you like to ride on a tilt-a-whirl afterwards. But what do you do if you're far from St. Paul? Never fear. There is more to life than hot dish. I've always known that there were fun chemistry experiments that could be done with peeps, especially in the spring, but I never realized that so much fun could had with candy and soda pop. In this article, the Disgruntled Chemist tested the explosive properties of different kinds of soda products when combined with minty items like Mentos or peppermint gum. These results are way more impressive than the classic experiment of watching people chew wintergreen Lifesavers in a dark room! Those of you who teach science, take note! DC's article uses a standard scientific paper format to describe his experiment, nicely illustrating how scientific articles are organized and the salient points. The only difference between this and other scientific papers is that it's easy to read, and certainly more fun. The article makes you think, too. Is this why my stomach hurts after I've consumed the combinations that DC tested?

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