Cooking on Thanksgiving?

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Sandra Porter
Our household is very excited about Thanksgiving. That's because this Thanksgiving, my husband is cooking a turkey in an egg. A big green egg. i-81f269618afe8a11c7c0f54bb3d900a1-green_egg.gif Check back later today, about 5:30 pm, Pacific Standard Time, to see a picture of the turkey. In the meantime, here are some other items that were cooked in the egg. We've had:





If you can cook it in an egg, he will try it. I used to be the primary cook in our house, but that's all changed since we got the egg. Now, my husband cooks everything, just to see how it will work. But, now I've learned from Make magazine that you can cook a turkey, in a green egg, by remote control from an iPhone. Maybe next Thanksgiving, I'll cook the turkey!

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