Bioinformatics in Alaska: Of course it's a course, of course, of course

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Sandra Porter
Registration has opened a bit late this year, but it's always tricky when large programs change hands. The Chautauqua Short Course program for College Teachers is no different. In fact, as far as I know, we may still be waiting for the National Science Foundation to make a final decision on funding. Still, summer is rapidly approaching and I know many of you are making plans for attending summer workshops and squeezing in a bit of vacation time. That's why I think you might like to consider learning bioinformatics in Alaska. Yes. I did write "Alaska." Anchorage, Alaska. Dr. Linnea Fletcher and I are co-teaching a 3 day course called "Studying Evolution with Bioinformatics" in Anchorage, AK, June 27-29th. The timing has been arranged so that our course follows another on the Ecology of South Central Alaska, which is also in Anchorage. Take the ecology course first, and you get to go hiking and visit with bears, salmon, and moose. Take our course next, and you get to visit the same creatures on the internet and play with their DNA, in virtual sense. Those of you who've attended our course over the past few years, know that we add some new things every year and we always have a good time. For more information, either select the links above, or use this link to see both courses.

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